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Peer-reviewed journals


B. Kyeyune, R. Olbrich, P. Rahe, and M. Reichling: Determination of in-plane surface directions in scanning probe microscopy images
Review of Scientific Instruments, 95, 023702 (2024) DOI


D. Heile, R. Olbrich, M. Reichling, and P. Rahe: Modeling nanoscale charge measurements
Physical Review B, 108, 085420 (2023) DOI


J. Heggemann, S. Aeschlimann, T. Dickbreder, Y. S. Ranawat, R. Bechstein, A. Kühnle, A. S. Foster, and P. Rahe: Water adsorption lifts the (2 × 1) reconstruction of calcite(104)
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Advance Article (2023) DOI


A. Allen, M. A. Rashid, P. Rahe, S. P. Jarvis, J. N. O’Shea, J. L. Dunn, and P. Moriarty: Self-assembly and tiling of a prochiral hydrogen-bonded network: bi-isonicotinic acid on coinage metal surfaces
Molecular Physics, e2192824 (2023) DOI


J. Heggemann, Y. S. Ranawat, O. Krejčí, A. S. Foster, P. Rahe : Differences in Molecular Adsorption Emanating from the (2 × 1) Reconstruction of Calcite(104)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14, 1983 (2023) DOI


C. Schiel, P. Rahe, P. Maass : On the Possibility of Exploring Tip-Molecule Interactions with STM Experiments
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 169, 096515 (2022) DOI


P. Rahe, D. Heile, R. Olbrich, M. Reichling : Quantitative dynamic force microscopy with inclined tip oscillation
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 13, 610 (2022) DOI


S. P. Jarvis, H. Sang, F. Junqueira, O. Gordon, J. E. A. Hodgkinson, A. Saywell, P. Rahe, S. Mamone, S. Taylor, A. Sweetman, J. Leaf, D. A. Duncan, T.-L. Lee, P. K. Thakur, G. Hoffman, R. J. Whitby, M. H. Levitt, G. Held, L. Kantorovich, P. Moriarty, R. G. Jones : Chemical shielding of H2O and HF encapsulated inside a C60 cage
communications chemistry, 4, 135 (2021) DOI


J. Heggemann, L. Laflör and P. Rahe: Double sample holder for efficient high-resolution studies of an insulator and a metal surface
Review of Scientific Instruments, 92, 053705 (2021) DOI


D. Heile*, R. Olbrich*, M. Reichling and P. Rahe: Alignment method for the accurate and precise quantification of tip-surface forces
Physical Review B, 103, 075409 (2021) DOI


P. Rahe: PTCDA adsorption on CaF2 thin films
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 11, 1615 (2020) DOI
This article is part of the thematic issue "Molecular assemblies on surfaces – towards physical and electronic decoupling of organic molecules".


L. Laflör, M. Reichling and P. Rahe: Protruding hydrogen atoms as markers for the molecular orientation of a metallocene Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 11, 1432 (2020) DOI


T. Hafshejani, W. Wang, J. Heggemann, A. Nefedov, Y. Wang, P. Rahe, P. Thissen, S. Heissler and C. Wöll: CO adsorption on the calcite (10.4) surface: A combined experimental and theoretical study Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, advance article (2020) DOI


L. Laflör, F. A. Schlage, L. Kantorovich, P. J. Moriarty, M. Reichling, P. Rahe: Quadruped Molecular Anchoring to an Insulator: Functionalized Ferrocene on CaF2 Bulk and Thin Film Surfaces The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124, 9900 (2020) DOI


P. Rahe, E. F. Smith, J. Wollschläger and P. J. Moriarty: Formation routes and structural details of the CaF1 layer on Si(111) from high-resolution noncontact atomic force microscopy data Physical Review B, 97, 125418 (2018) DOI


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M. Kittelmann, M. Nimmrich, J. Neff, P. Rahe, W. Gren, X. Bouju, A. Gourdon, A. Kühnle: Controlled Activation of Substrate Templating in Molecular Self-Assembly by Deprotonation. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 17, 23868 (2013) DOI


P. Rahe, M. Kittelmann, J. L. Neff, M. Nimmrich, M. Reichling, P. Maass, A. Kühnle: Tuning molecular self-assembly on bulk insulator surfaces by anchoring of the organic building block. Advanced Materials, 25, 3948 (2013) DOI


C. Hauke, R. Bechstein, M. Kittelmann, C. Storz, A. Kilbinger, P. Rahe, A. Kühnle: Controlling molecular self-assembly on an insulating surface by rationally designing an efficient anchor functionality that maintains structural flexibility. ACS Nano 7, 5491 (2013) DOI


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P. Rahe, R. Bechstein, J. Schütte, F. Ostendorf, and A. Kühnle: Repulsive interaction and contrast inversion in noncontact atomic force microscopy imaging of adsorbates. Physical Review B 77, 195410 (2008) DOI

Book chapters


P. Rahe, H. Söngen: Imaging Static Charge Distributions: A Comprehensive KPFM Theory. In: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy: From Single Charge Detection to Device Characterization, Eds. Sadewasser, S.; Glatzel, T., Springer International Publishing (2018). Link


H. Söngen, P. Rahe, R. Bechstein, A. Kühnle: Interpretation of KPFM Data with the Weight Function for Charges. In: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy: From Single Charge Detection to Device Characterization, Eds. Sadewasser, S.; Glatzel, T., Springer International Publishing (2018). Link


P. Rahe, A. Kühnle: On-Surface Synthesis on the (10.4) Surface of the Bulk Insulator Calcite. In: Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry, Ed. Wandelt, K., Elsevier (2018). Link


F. Kling, R. Bechstein, P. Rahe, A. Kühnle: Self-assembly of Organic Molecules on Insulating Surfaces. In: Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy Volume 3, Eds. Morita, S.;Giessibl, F.J.; Meyer, E.; Wiesendanger, R., Springer International Publishing (2015). Link

Conference Proceedings


D. Heitkamp, J. Lorenz, M. Koall, P. Rahe, and P. Lensing: An Immersive Feedback Framework for Scanning Probe Microscopy
Proceedings of the 18th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications - GRAPP, 179 (2023) DOI

Other articles


P. Rahe, S. Kuhn, A. Kühnle: Is Calcite (1014) a Chiral Surface? Journal of Unresolved Questions 3, 21 (2013) Link


M. Nimmrich, P. Rahe, M. Kittelmann, A. Kühnle: Organisch geordnet. Physik Journal 11 (12), 29 (2012) Link

PhD Thesis

P. Rahe: The Calcite(10-14) Surface: A Versatile Substrate for Molecular Self-Assembly. Dissertation, Universität Mainz (2011) UB Mainz   Amazon

Diploma Thesis

P. Rahe: Adsorptionseigenschaften von organischen Molekülen auf Titandioxid untersucht mit hochauflösender Rasterkraftmikroskopie. Diplomarbeit, Universität Osnabrück (2008)